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Located in Sickte, Germany, UNIFONTIS takes an integrative approach to cancer therapy, combining therapeutic strategies to create a personalized cancer treatment plan. Our unique methodology allows us to offer both conventional and unconventional medicine, giving our patients their best fighting chance at defeating cancer. 

The UNIFONTIS clinic is not limited to what treatments we can and cannot provide our patients. Our holistic approach grants our patients access to the world’s top treatment options — no matter what country they might live. Through medical tourism, patients can visit our clinic from anywhere in the world, staying for as long as necessary to receive treatment. For patients too sick or unwilling to travel, we have the unique ability to personally deliver certain therapies right to their home. 

The UNIFONTIS team is led by Professor Drevs, a holistic oncologist who furthered his specialization in oncology at the Klinik Bircher Foundation in Switzerland. Professor Drevs stays up to date on all the latest scientific research so that he can offer our patients the very best treatment options available at any given time. 

We offer three main therapies that are at the core of our treatment process. These include personalized vaccines against cancer, therapeutic hyperthermia, and aspirin/diflunisal combination therapy. We also find value through supplemental treatments. We believe that by unlimiting our patients’ treatment options, we unlimit their ability to get better.

Stay up to date on the latest oncology research and UNIFONTIS news by following our blog. Schedule a personal consultation with our medical director Professor Drevs today by emailing

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