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Traveling With Cancer

Traveling With Cancer

During one’s cancer journey, travel is often necessary either for treatment, pleasure or family obligations. Most people love traveling and look forward to the destination and experiences ahead. While others hate traveling, it is often a necessary part of life, perhaps more so during cancer treatment. We want traveling to be a positive experience for our patients, so we developed some tips to make traveling with cancer a smooth transition. 

Travel with a companion

Be sure to bring a travel-savvy and supportive caregiver with you. This person can be a friend, family member or another trusted individual who can help you navigate the airport and new city. If you are traveling to receive treatment through UNIFONTIS, we help you throughout the entire travel process, booking flights and accommodations on your behalf! 

Understand your limitations

Cancer may make you tired and nauseated while weakening your immune system. Together, these things can make traveling difficult and generally unenjoyable. Being in close quarters with other travelers, such as on a flight, may increase one’s risk of getting sick. Wearing a medical mask in these situations can help protect yourself from infection. If traveling for pleasure, be sure not to overschedule activities. Make the most out of your trip by booking fun things to do that are within your known limitations. 

If you are traveling to Germany to receive treatment through UNIFONTIS, we have a list of fun activities that are generally safe for cancer patients to take part in!

Our patient’s safety is our top concern. While we like our patients to travel to our clinic for select treatment options and the chance to enjoy Germany’s beautiful culture, we understand that traveling is out of the question for some due to their health. 

In these cases and more, UNIFONTIS has the unique ability to visit our patients nearly anywhere in the world. While not all of our treatments are available outside of Germany, we can deliver our nurses and personalized vaccines against cancer right to your home. 

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