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Patient-Friendly Activities Near UNIFONTIS

Patient-Friendly Activities Near UNIFONTIS

Medical tourism is allowing more and more people to seek their much needed medical treatment abroad. Why consider Germany for medical tourism? Germany has an excellent reputation when it comes to international medical care. With highly trained medical professionals and innovative technology, the treatment possibilities available in Germany are state of the art. 

Germany has much more to offer than their advanced medical system. They also have a wide variety of parks, wildlife and museums that should be enjoyed by all who visit. 

While you are visiting the UNIFONTIS clinic for your integrative oncology care, enjoy these patient friendly activities nearby during your stay!


Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum 

Founded in 1754, the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum is one of the oldest art museums in Europe. The museum houses an important collection of Western old master painting, Italian majolica ceramics north of the Alps, and more than 200 French enamel paintings. 

Dankwarderode Castle 

Also part of the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum, the Dankwarderode Castle used to be the residence of the Brunswick dukes for centuries. Rebuilt in 1906 due to fires, the castle now accommodates some of the Guelph treasures as well as valuable liturgical clothing and the original Braunschweig Lion.

Museum Altstadtrathaus 

The Altstadtrathaus is a secular building from the last third of the 13th century that is outstanding in terms of art and architecture. The exhibition documents in several sections the eventful fortunes of the old Hanseatic city from its early days in the 9th century to the present day. 

Lokpark Braunschweig 

The Lokpark is a locomotive park that sees itself as a living exhibition in which the club’s historic trains are maintained, serviced and stored. The Lokpark offers a variety of events such as concerts, design markets and more.

Schlossmuseum Braunschweig 

On around 880 square meters of exhibition space, the castle museum opened in 2011 allows part of the Welfenschloss to re-emerge at the time of Duke Wilhelm. Representative rooms of the former residence and government seat of the Dukes of Braunschweig were reconstructed and furnished with the original furniture, paintings and objects.


Tierpark Essehof 

Essehof Zoo is a privately owned and operated zoo located in Essehof, a town within the municipality of Lehre. 

Zoo Arche Noah 

Zoo Arche Noah is a famous zoo across Germany and around the world. Zoo Arche Noah includes raccoons, lamas, seals, kangaroos, marmots, ferrets, camels, lynxes, porcupines and many more.


Right next to the river and theater, Theaterpark is a leafy classical-style landscaped garden that was completed in 1813.


Built in 1895, the Prinz-Albrecht-Park is a mixed-style park that includes paths and seats to enjoy the outdoors while reading the history of Prince Albrecht of Prussia. 

Botanischer Garten der Technischen Universitat
The botanical garden contains approximately 10,000 plant species, including unusual collections of annual plants, wild plants from Saxony and Thuringia, and more.

Stadtbad Okeraue 

Stadtbad Okeraue is an all-weather pool that provides a wide range of swimming and leisure activities such as a sauna and spa. 

Sight-Seeing & Landmarks, Arenas & Stadiums


Surrounded by historic buildings that date from the 12th century, Altstadtmarkt is an old town market in the central square of Braunschweig’s old town. Every Wednesday and Saturday one can enjoy the outdoor market or the Christmas Market during the holiday season.

Happy Rizzi House

Described as “the happiest house on earth”, the Happy Rizzi House in Brunswick is a day-glo masterpiece of cartoon-inspired architecture. 

Brunswick Cathedral 

From the early medieval frescoes and sculptures, to the tombs of Henry and Matilda, to stained glass and carving, the Brunswick Cathedral is full of ancient artifacts that date back to the 12th century.

Volkswagen Halle Braunschweig 

Volkswagen Halle Braunschweig is an indoor sporting arena that is currently the home to the Löwen Braunschweig basketball team. Aside from serving as the home venue of the basketball team, this arena hosts other sporting events as well as concerts.


Schloss Arkaden 

Schloss Arkaden is a spacious, contemporary mall inside an old castle facade with diverse shops, dining and ample parking.


Another shopping center in Brunswick that offers great shops and dining.

UNIFONTIS is located in Sickte, Germany which is about a 20-minute drive from Brunswick, Germany and 15-minute drive from Wolfenbüttel, Germany. If you’re interested in learning more about how to prepare for your medical trip to UNIFONTIS, email us at

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