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Our team here at UNIFONTIS will stand by your side as we provide you with a personal consultation, diagnosis and therapy. Our doctors, therapists, natural health practitioners, and nursing staff work hand in hand to deliver the spirit of our integrative treatment approach while providing you with a comprehensive consultation. Our administrative staff will ensure that your treatment proceeds smoothly and reflects our pleasant atmosphere.

Joachim Drevs, M.D., Ph.D.

Founder & Medical Director

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Haitham Ibrahim Alsalkhadi, M.D.

Anesthesiologist – Internist

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Leona Kröhle

Patient Management (National / International)

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Carolin Zipperlen

Patient Management (National / International)

Nina Granz

Physicians Assistant / Patient Management

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Madeleine Bormann


Birgit Kröhle

Alternative Health Practitioner

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Anna Reese

Assistant Manager – Riding Therapist

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Jennifer Schrader


At Our Clinic...
  1. You are the center of attention.
  2. Our doctors and team take the time to understand you.
  3. We will advise you and provide a deep and detailed understanding.
  4. We are open to all forms of medicine, including naturopathy, homeopathy, complementary and alternative medicine, mental therapies, and animal-based therapies.
  5. We provide tailored therapy for each patient. 
  6. Our work is centered around your health – not just your disease.
  7. We will look for circulating tumor cells in your blood to test your sensitivity to therapies. 
  8. We use low-radiation imaging procedures for diagnosis and follow-up appointments.
  9. We use innovative and internationally coordinated gene testing procedures to asses optimal therapies and outcomes.
  10. We accompany patients during conventional radiation or chemotherapy sessions with antidepressant drugs and health-promoting therapies.
  11. We fight cancer with treatments that target the pH-value of the tumor and the acid-base balance of the body.
  12. We improve your general condition with herbal supplements such as the chamomile and health-promoting therapies.
  13. We stimulate vitality with animal-assisted therapies.
  14. We conduct comprehensive psychological examinations.

Our Promise to Our Patients

We believe that one of the most important pillars in the doctor-patient relationship is trust, especially in the field of oncology. We build trust by getting to know our patients, talking to them, making time for them and showing interest in them. We would love to build such a relationship with you. If this speaks to you, then you are encouraged to find more information on our clinic, diagnostic procedures, and our integrative oncological approach.

UNIFONTIS is at the cutting edge of clinical oncology.
UNIFONTIS cannot guarantee a cure, but we will never give up hope.
UNIFONTIS acts as an independent consultant and will always provide informed options.

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