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You are in good hands with UNIFONTIS

Our prescription- as a patient you occupy center stage. The clinical concept of UNIFONTIS combines all therapeutic strategies. We use conventional and unconventional medicine without prejudice in order find the right way for all individuals because we know that each person has their own journey to go through. It is necessary to offer a multitude of successful therapeutic approaches because only through this can individuals receive an individual approach. Professor Drevs provides you with information on the latest discoveries that cancer research has to offer as fast as possible and supplements this through individual diagnosis and therapy procedures.

Knowledgeable patients have a better prognosis

It is undisputable that knowledgeable cancer patients have better chances to win their fight against cancer. But how is it possible to make yourself knowledgeable in such a short time? We offer our patients assorted options because our therapeutic approach holds holistic therapy dear. In addition to explanations on our website, we also use social media such as Facebook, a self-developed app for patients and our very own Youtube channel.

A second opinion

The more complicated the illness, the more important it is to have a second opinion! Above all patients who are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness often seek a second opinion. This is understandable because a mistake in the therapeutic strategy can in the worst case scenario cost patients their lives.

This leaves little time for resolution of misunderstandings in the utility and risk of a therapy. This pertains particularly to radiation and chemotherapy- so-called adjuvant therapy. As a result, patients often risk excessive therapy, without the patients awareness.

Current studies show that nearly 40% of patients receive differing therapies from their doctors and further cancer experts. We here at UNIFONTIS are always available to provide an independent second opinion. If you find our point of view to be plausible, we would be pleased to support you on your way to recovery. Through personal consultations Dr. Drevs and his team will advise you with the latest scientific knowledge. Schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Drevs today!

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